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WrightTreat - FAQs

Annual Modelers' Retreat

When:  MLK Day Weekend (Friday - Sunday)

Where: Bergamo Center
Beavercreek, OH4400 Shakertown Rd
Dayton OH 45430

UPDATE for 2023 Space is limited at our new venue, registration is required in advance.   This year we have a limit of 18 people.

Please join us in our annual modeling retreat being held at the Bergamo Center.

What is a modeling retreat?

First, the genesis for this event was my wonderful wife. She has been attending for years a quilting retreat organized by the local quilt guild. Ok, enough said, moving on... ;-) Basically, the idea is to bring together a group of like-minded modeling geeks for three days of building, talking, eating, sharing techniques, and demonstrations, as well as a bloody good excuse to get out of the house for a long weekend in January.

What should you bring to the retreat?

Bring a model or models that you would like to work on and some tools to build with. Feel free to bring along some show-and-tell items, techniques to demonstrate and possibly a few items to sell as well.

You should also bring any models that you have completed during the previous year. Attendees can vote on the best model. The winner will receive the prestigious Flaming Hairdryer award.

Can I airbrush at the retreat?

Updated for 2023, I'm not sure about airbrushing at this time. Stay tuned to the club email list for details. 

Yes, of course, but please, No enamel or lacquer paints! We will have a couple of spaces set up at the end of the room for airbrushing. Please, I must stress that we can only allow acrylic paints for airbrushing. Please bring along an airbrush, air source and a hose as well. Provided the connectors match, we will as much as possible share air supplies.


Can I bring stuff to sell?

Yes of course. We will have additional space available for items you are interested in selling.

Can I work on a monster scale kit?

Again yes, we can accommodate large-scale or multiple models.

Can I work around the clock from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon?

Yes, and good luck to you. I applaud you, you are a better man than I, Gunga Din. During past retreats most of us old-timers cashed in the chips around 2300hrs and reconvened at 0900hrs. We will lock the modeling room when the last person leaves and then have it re-opened in the morning.

What about food?

 You may eat there or bring your meal back to your work area. Another option is to eat off-site at one of our many local restaurants. 

Can I bring my own tabletop work light?

YES!!! just don't forget those pesky extension cords though.

What about additional entertainment?

Of course, what is building without a little background noise? I will bring a 36" flat screen TV, Blu-ray / DVD player, and some movies. (Family Friendly movies only!) Feel free to bring some of your favorites along as well. The conference center does have free WIFI so bring along a laptop or pad.

How much space will I have to build?

Each person will be allotted 1/3 of a standard eight foot rectangular table. () This area is considered " One Space ". If you want to build that 7' long Arizona or set up a bunch of kits to sell, you will need to purchase an additional modeling space or two depending on your requirements. Unless you selling kits one space should be more than sufficient. *An area will be set aside at the end of the room where items for sale can be placed.

What is this going to cost me?

The simple answer is the retreat it will cost $5 per person per day.

Can I commute from home each day?

Of course.

Can I attend just the one or two days?

How do I pay for the retreat?

Payment is required in advance, $5 per day. (See below)

To pay online, scroll a bit lower on this page and take advantage our registration. Just click on the "Register Now" button.

Jul 28, 2024, 2:00 PM
1100 Spaatz St, Dayton, OH 45433, USA
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