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Award Sponsorships

Recognizing Exceptional Achievement

Thank You, WrightCon Sponsors!

Thanks to all who have previously sponsored WrightCon awards.  You all have been key partners in helping us provide quality awards to recognize superior achievements in our hobby.

Reserve Your Sponsorship Now...

Reserve your sponsorship online by clicking "Register Now" below, and then selecting the award(s) you would like to sponsor.   These include Best of Class (Aircraft, Military Vehicles, Automotive, Figures, Ships, Space/SF/Fantasy, Dioramas, and Junior) as well as special awards.

Special Awards

Sponsor your own custom special interest or memorial award.  Here are the current 2024 custom/memorial award sponsorships thus far:

  • Steven M. Sheets Memorial - Best USMC Subject

  • Sanford "Rik" Newman Memorial - Best Movie/TV Subject

  • Best Pre-1980 Tooling, Out-of-Box

  • Best Japanese Subject

  • Best Italian Subject 

  • Best USAF 

  • Phinest Phantom

  • Best A-10

  • Best Artillery 

Award Sponsorships: Text
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