WrightCon introduces on-line, paperless registration

I am pleased to announce that on-line registration is now open for WrightCon 2015!  On-line registration is paperless and fast. You just create an account at wrightcon.com and type in your personal information and information about all of your models. You won't have to deal with downloading and printing PDF files, the printed forms will be waiting for you at the door! There is no charge to register on-line, but the regular registration fee still applies. You can choose to pay your registration fee at the door or on-line. Of course, you can also register at the door if you wish.

With this new registration process, Wright Field Scale Modelers hopes to make WrightCon technology-friendly while still catering to those who are technologically disinclined. Registering on-line will save time spent at the registration table so you can spend more time in our vendor room. With an online account you can fill out your information now and come back later and add, remove, or edit your information. Note that the deadline for on-line registration is April 9 at 12:00 noon. After that time, you will not be able to add or edit your information. However, you can always make changes on the day of the contest if necessary.

Registration is now open!