“Open” Judging Coming to IPMS/USA Region IV 2016 Convention

“Open” judging is coming to Region IV for its 2016 Convention in Dayton next April.

Following months of investigation, analysis, and discussion, IPMS/Wright Field Scale Modelers (WFSM) general membership voted unanimously to adopt an “Open” style, a.ka. "Gold/Silver/Bronze," judging system for WrightCon 2016 (The IPMS/USA Region IV 2016 Convention), April 8-9, 2016, at The Hope Hotel and Conference Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio.  “Open” judging format will be applied to all model classes, with the exception of Automotive, which will be judged under NNL format (popular vote by those competing in automotive categories).

Supporting the decision was feedback from a survey of IPMS/USA Region IV general membership regarding preference of judging format.  The survey was distributed via the IPMS/USA Region IV Coordinator to all Region IV Chapter Contacts and Chapter Presidents for dissemination to general chapter membership throughout the region.  During the 1-week response period, 76 members responded yielding the following results:

  • “Open” style judging was favored 2.4 : 1  - Only 16 of the respondents favored traditional “1-2-3” IPMS-style judging, while 39 indicated a preference for “Open” style judging, with the remaining 21 indicating either was suitable
  • IPMS-Only (non-AMPS) Members favored “Open” style 1.9 : 1 – 14 favored IPMS-style, 27 favored Open, and 16 had no preference
  • AMPS/IPMS Dual Members Favored “Open” style 11:1 – Only 1 favored IPMS-style, 11 favored Open, and 5 indicated no preference
  • Other Demographics
    • Aircraft Modelers Favored Open 1.7:1
    • Armor Modelers Favored Open 3:1
    • Figure Modelers Favor Open 4:1
    • Space/SF/Fantasy Modelers Favor Open 3.7:1
    • Ship Modelers Favor IPMS style 4:3
    • 89% of Automotive Modelers indicated NNL-style judging would not be a barrier to attending or competing

This change in judging format is intended to recognize all models exhibiting high standards of construction and finish, not just the top 3 in each category, and provide written feedback to modelers for each model they’ve entered.  Traditionally, WrightCon has seen about 42% of entries receive awards.  The new Open format is expected to increase that rate to approximately 50% of entries (a 20% increase), while maintaining the standard of quality of models receiving recognition.

The format is largely an adaptation of that used by IPMS/Chattanooga Scale Modelers, with elements borrowed from AMPS and other Open systems such as Wonderfest, MMSI, and IPMS/Three Rivers.  Judging criteria align closely with the 2013 IPMS/USA - Modeler's Guide To IPMS Contests.  IPMS/Chattanooga contest officials will be present at WrightCon to help train, assist, administer, and advise.  WFSM will exercise and refine its processes and scoring scales through several training sessions and practice judging sessions prior to WrightCon.

WFSM will be posting information regarding the system to the WrightCon website (www.wrightcon.com) as it is refined for public consumption.  Until then, keep on building to the criteria outlined in the 2013 IPMS/USA - Modeler's Guide To IPMS Contests and you should be well prepared for the big R4 show in April!

Thanks to all of Region IV for your feedback and support.  Looking forward to seeing you all throughout the 2015-2016 contest season and here in Dayton April 8th and 9th.

Dave Koukol, IPMS 46287
IPMS/USA Region IV Coordinator and 2016 Convention Chairman


Open Jugding

I think this is a very good and forward idea(AMPS)that should be through out model judging at a contest. I'm not about the GSB medals, but the concept of a written critique of each model that is judged. I was holly disappointed at the judging at Nationals this year because I didn't think that the Axis armor was judged but 1 2 3 picked! All the models in category 200b were in the same positions before and after judging. That's NOT JUDGING especially with the poor lighting in the room.